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We are so glad you found ChoiceOne. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and safe by offering services, education, and support that meet your individual and specific needs. 

We are a women's center specializing in emotional, sexual and reproductive health. All of our programs are designed by women for women and therefore we understand the multifaceted nature of being uniquely you!  At ChoiceOne we offer services that are designed to minister to your heart, mind, body, and soul at any age or in any circumstance. ChoiceOne was created to help women understand that they are unconditionally loved by God and we in turn strive to love and serve with integrity.
As women helping women...we hope you feel welcome and free to be you.

ChoiceOne's services are always free and confidential!

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All of the services offered by ChoiceOne (CO) are designed by women for women, thus creating services that are uniquely intuitive and exceptionally helpful. Licensed professional counselors oversee all counseling services, and our medical services are all performed by licensed medical professionals.Spanish mentors and counselors are available at all locations.*ChoiceOne offers expanded specialized counseling services under the banner of CO2. CO2 services are provided through a sliding scale that starts at $0.  To learn more about CO2, go to

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