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Controlled comforting or crying - two effective ways to sleep training

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

"These two methods help you baby learn to comfort themselves and when you will comfort them. Controlled comforting is the gentler version of controlled crying and for some mothers is the answer to a night's sleep."

Controlled comforting or crying is not for every mother. It is just a technique that some mothers have used with positive results. For other mom, comforting their baby is an instinctual response and believe that when an infant cries, they have the opportunity to create a bond and trust with their response.

Controlled Comforting or Crying

If you are struggling with a baby crying at night, or who refuses to drop off at bedtime, controlled crying is one of several ‘sleep training’ techniques that you could try.

Put simply, when you use controlled crying, you resist the urge to immediately pick up your child when she cries. This helps her to move on from depending on you to rock, sing, stroke or feed her to sleep - to being able to self-soothe.

Here's a great website that can help you decide for yourself if controlled comforting or crying is an option for you.

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